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Business Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

Without backup and a disaster recovery plan, something as simple as a computer crash could wipe out everything - and most businesses cannot recover from a data loss of that magnitude. With business continuity and disaster recovery services from SemTech IT Solutions, our data is protected from cyber-attacks, natural disasters, accidental deletion, and more. Don’t let disasters disrupt your business.



Managed cyber security services provide a robust combination of advanced tools for cyber protection in every aspect of your business. Having an anti-virus application and a firewall is no longer enough to protect your business from the sophisticated cyber security threats that exist. Let us safeguard your business today!

Data Backup
& Recovery

Data Backup & Recovery Solutions

Tailoring disaster recovery plans to fit the specific needs and risks of your business entails implementing secure and reliable data backup systems to prevent data loss as well as quick and efficient recovery of lost data to minimize operational disruptions. With SemTech IT Solutions, we can show you how to easy that can be!


Cloud Migration

In the digital era, migrating to cloud-based services is a pivotal step for businesses aiming to enhance efficiency and scalability. While minimizing downtime during a migration, SemTech IT Solutions provides a seamless, secure, and efficient migration solutions that will transform your business’s digital infrastructure

VoIP Phone

VoIP Phone Systems

Should a disaster occur, how will you communicate with your clients or customers? A cloud-based VoIP phone system goes beyond what you expect from a traditional phone system - with a built-in system for recovery if there’s a loss of power or internet failure, your calls automatically rerouted, preserving a smooth customer experience.

IT Security

IT Security Protocols

The first line of defense against an intentional disaster is establishing various security protocols - multifactor authentication, conditional access, dark web scanning, web gateway security, mobile device security, firewall management, encryption, and more. We provide security solutions to keep your business safe from cybercrime.


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